BEE KIND Beeswax Wraps

BEE KIND Beeswax Wraps

Each set includes three beeswax wraps in a size small (6"), medium (9"), and large (12").


Handmade with pure beeswax, organic cotton fabric, pine tree resin, organic jojoba oil.



  • Beeswax Wrap Care

    Why beeswax wraps? Why not plastic wrap?

    It's all about being earth friendly. Single-use plastic is used once, but lasts FOREVER. It turns into micro-plastics which pollute our water and food. By choosing a reusable and compostable option, not only are you saving money, you are also being mindful of your footprint. Did we mention beeswax wraps keep your food fresher as well? And finally, beeswax wraps are just way more functional and useful than plastic wrap.


    Can I wash them?

    Yes! Hand wash with cold water and a soft non-abrasive cloth. Use alcohol-free soap for greasy messes. Air dry on the counter or dish rack.


    Are they sticky?

    Yes! The beeswax and resin creates a 'sticky' effect which allows it to seal to itself and other items. However, this natural coating is heat sensitive which means if the wrap is cold, it does not feel sticky at all. A little heat from your hands is all it needs to 'activate' its stickiness and allow you to create a lasting seal.


    Do they keep your food fresher?

    YES. Beeswax is naturally antimicrobial and slightly breathable. This combination keeps your food noticeably fresher longer than airtight plastic.


    Are they reusable?

    They are reusable for approximately 1 year.


    What happens after a year?

    They will slowly lose their stickiness. You can continue to use them just like wax paper wrapping for sandwiches with an elastic band or string to keep it closed, or you can dispose of them.


    What are they made out of?

    Cotton fabric, Canadian beeswax, organic jojoba oil and pine tree resin.


    How do you get the designs on them?

    Bee Kind beeswax wraps feature prints that were originally painted with acrylic on canvas by our founder's mom! They were then reprinted digitally onto fabric with food safe dyes. 


    Where do I store them?

    We recommend storing them rolled or flat in a stack in a kitchen drawer. We don't recommend storing them with a heavy crease.


    Do they leave a residue?

    We do see a little residue left behind from brand new wraps, especially on things like glassware. This is completely normal and easily washes off with warm water.


    Do they make your food taste/smell weird?

    The jury is out on this question! For almost all people, the answer is no. For a few people however, they do report sensing a taste/scent change. It completely depends on how sensitive your nose is. 


    Are they scented?

    The natural aroma of beeswax and pine resin is noticeable while the wraps are new, and most people wish this scent would never fade! However, it does indeed fade within the first couple months.


    How do I dispose of them?

    The wraps are 100% home compostable. Dig them into your garden or send them off with your compost pickup. Alternatively, save your old wraps for your next camping trip, as they make an excellent slow burning fire starter.


    Can I put them in the freezer?

    We do not recommend putting them in the freezer. Because they are slightly breathable, your food could get freezer burn.


    Help! I accidentally washed them in warm water and now the wax coating looks funny. Can I fix them?

    Yes! Place the wrap between two pieces of parchment paper and iron the wrap on low. You want to remelt the wax completely back into the cloth. Avoid pushing the wax out to the edges with sweeping motions. Instead, simply press and hold the iron over the wrap until each part is melted. Let it completely cool before peeling back the paper.


    Can I store raw meat in them?

    No. As you cannot wash them in hot water, you would not be able to properly sanitize them if they had been touching raw meat.