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PURE Dish Soap

PURE Dish Soap

Pure concenrated dishwashing liquid is made of a biodegradable and moisturizing formula, designed with a maximum of degreasing agents. It dislodges the grime of your lasagna dishes easily. This product is not afraid of major degreasing work. Very soft, it can also be used as a hand soap. Believe us, it will give you beautiful, sweet hands.


Sold in 1g increments.

Enter the quantity of units you want to buy

Example: I want to buy 5g of product, I need to select a quantity of 5 Units (5x1g = 5g)

  • Ingredients

     Aqua- Water

    Sodium laureth- sulfate plant derived cleaning agent attested without contaminant

    Glycerin- plant derived moisturizing agent

    Sodium chloride- mineral viscosity modifier

    Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate- synthetic & biodegradable cleaning agent

    Cocoamidopropyl betain- plant derived foam booster

    Methylglycinediacetic acid, trisodium salt- plant derived chelating agent

    Benzyl alcohol- nature identical preservative

    Ethylhexylglycerin- synthetic & biodegradable preservative

    Tocopherol- Antioxidant (vitamin e)

    Fragrance- mix containing at least 50% of natural essential oils and sometimes synthetic fragrance always without harmful chemicals


    Pure is transparent, just like their containers. Pure posts the full list of all their ingredients because Pure is proud of the effectiveness of their products and the ingredients they use to achieve them.