PURE Dishwashing Tablets

PURE Dishwashing Tablets

Biodegradable and safe for septic tanks, no need to pre-wash your dishes. The tabs eliminates stubborn stains, burned food residue, tea and coffee stains. In addition, it dissolves fat without leaving a trace on your dishes, glasses and cutlery. The packaging of the tablet is water-soluble in PVA. 

Tablets sold individually 

  • Ingredients

    Sodium carbonate- mineral based cleaning agent

    Sodium sulfate- mineral based cleaning agent

    Sodium carbonate peroxide- mineral based whitening agent

    Sodium citrate- plant based water softener

    Sodium disilicate- mineral based cleaning agent

    Polyacrylic acid- synthetic & biodegradable anti-redeposition agent

    Laureth-7- plant derived cleaning agent

    Citric acid- plant based chelating agent

    Taed- mineral based activating agent

    Protease- plant derived enzyme blend spot remover

    Amylase- plant derived enzyme blend spot remover


    Pure is transparent, just like their containers. Pure posts the full list of all their ingredients because Pure is proud of the effectiveness of their products and the ingredients they use to achieve them.