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PURE Toilet Cleaner

PURE Toilet Cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaner Pure offers a concentrated formula with the natural cleaning action of peppermint essential oil for a clean bowl. All this without harmful chemicals and with a perfect natural smell of peppermint. As you are going to use this product very often, remember to keep your container for bulk and save each time.


Sold in 1g increments.

Enter the quantity of units you want to buy

Example: I want to buy 5g of product, I need to select a quantity of 5 Units (5x1g = 5g)

  • Ingredients

    Aqua- water

    Citric Acid- plant derived limescale cleaner

    Glycerin- plant derived wetting agent

    Lauryl glucoside- Plant derived cleaning agent

    Xanthan gum- bacteria derived thickener

    Fragrance- mostly essentials oils

    Methylchloroisothiazoline- biodegradable and synthetic preservative

    Methylisothiazoline- biodegradable and synthetic preservative

    CI 42090- food grade dye


    Pure is transparent, just like their containers. Pure posts the full list of all their ingredients because Pure is proud of the effectiveness of their products and the ingredients they use to achieve them.

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