Botanical Trading Co. - Stain Remover Bar

Botanical Trading Co. - Stain Remover Bar

Using all the natural powers of organically refined coconut oil, this stain stick will decimate stains from your clothes so easily that your jaw will hit the floor.



-Won't damage your clothes.

-Scent & fragrance free.

-Perfect for kiddos and those with sensitive skin.



Ingredients: Organic refined coconut oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide.


Weight: approximately 60g. Stain remover sticks sold individually.


Hand crafted in Toronto.

  • How to use

    Instructions: Wet the stained area with water and rub the stain remover bar directly onto the stain until a lather forms. Put the item into the washing machine and wash as usual.


    As a general rule, if its machine washable this bar will work. Always do a spot test first.